Making your own PCB the easy way

In this tutorial I show you from start to finish how to make your own custom printed circuit board using Photo Etch PCB.

Materials used:

  • Jetstar Standard (Ver. II) A4 Inkjet clear film – specially formulated inkjet film for the production of artwork.
  • Photo Etch PCB (Single-Sided Epoxy Glass)
  • Ferric Chloride Etchant (granules of ready made liquid)
  • Photoresist Universal Developer (Crystals or ready made liquid)
  • Disposable Latex Gloves
  • Ultraviolet exposure unit (can be homemade)

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3 thoughts to “Making your own PCB the easy way”

  1. Hi Louis

    Can you do a tutorial on negative power supplies and op-amps please? Although I am nearing retirement age I have been learning about electronics for the last couple of years. I wish I had “gotten into” electronics a lot sooner as I really enjoy the subject. I do understand op-amps a bit but am struggling with negative power supplies.



  2. Hi
    Could you show us how you produce the artwork for making a the labels for the front plate showing switch position and terminal connection etc and what material you use.


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