DC Voltage Calibrator

Part 1

In this project we will design and build a DC Voltage Calibrator, providing a voltage range from 0 to 10 volts in 1 milli volt steps. The user interface will be a TFT display with touchscreen.
Below are links to version 1 of the software for the Arduino Nano. Also a zip file which contains the schematic, PCB artwork (Version 2) and component layout:


Parts List link below:

Below is a link to my KiCad files for this project:

Part 2

In part 2 of this project we will make a number of improvements and build the unit in to a project case and carry out some tests.
Below are links to download the latest software version plus some zip files with all the project information including schematic, PCB artwork, wiring layouts and parts list plus project case template and front panel artwork:


For the project case simply search on eBay for “7.8”x6.9″x2.7″ Plastic Electronics Instrument Plastic Case Box Shell w/ Handle”
Also available from www.banggood.com as:
7.8 x6.9 x2.7 plastic electronics instrument plastic case box shell

7 thoughts to “DC Voltage Calibrator”

  1. This a great project that I intend to take advatage of. As an enhancement to assist with the calibration of the higher voltage ranges, could a further stage, perhaps utilizing a high voltage op amp (and of course, a suitable power source) be added to take the voltage up to about 100 volts?

  2. Hi Louis,
    I have assembled your DC calibrator as it works very fine, great project.
    But i have tested two similar display, one have a touch chip XPT2046 and works fine, another have a HR2046 chip, and touch don’t work!
    I discovered that the touch works but x and y position are reversed, as the image were upside down.
    I have to change some settings in yours sketch?
    Best regards

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