Upgrade to 5 Volt Precision Reference Standard – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the upgrade project to allow the 5 volt Precision Reference standard covered in my previous video to be switched to give 100mV, 1V, 5V and 10V outputs. In this final part I will cover the final build on a custom PCB, calibrate and box the unit.

The link to Part 1 is below:

Also, here’s a link to my PCB tutorial video:

Below are 4 links to the PDF files which contains the PCB artwork, component layout, circuit diagram, parts list and front fascia artwork:

2 thoughts to “Upgrade to 5 Volt Precision Reference Standard – Part 2”

  1. Hi Louis,
    Really enjoying your video Projects and look forward to whats coming next.
    I was wondering if you could give me some guidance,I just built the Precision Voltage referenence and as my local store didnt have the right Chokes have used 330uH chokes,Not sure if thats causing my problem though.I am getting around 14.3v and -13.7volts from the test points of the IC and only the 5v on the rotary switch is right,I am getting 1.21v on th 100mA,3,928 on the 1V and 4.986 on the 10V.I thought I may have had the switch in the wrong way but that seems to only fit one way.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for excellent series once again
    Lewis Bryant

  2. Hi, sadly the Intersil ISL21009BFB850 has now been discontinued. It is an obsolete part. The ISL21090 is the closest replacement that I could find. Can that be made to work? Are there any alternatives?


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