Millivolt Meter MK2

This version of my Millivolt Meter is an upgrade on my previous project version and uses a small PCB and Arduino Pro Mini.

The display now uses an I2C interface. The build now includes a Hold Reading and Bar Graph display. In addition the calibration method has been upgraded to use a 5 volt reference source. The latest version of software has also been improved resulting in a faster refresh rate. Below are links to download the latest software and also a zip file which contains PDF’s for the Schematic, Parts List, Wiring Diagram, Plate and Drill Templates and Front and Back Panel Artwork.

3 thoughts to “Millivolt Meter MK2”

  1. I really like this project, it is very informative! I have a thought, I am new to electronics and I am wanting to combine a volt, ohm and amp meter into one, how would I go about doing that?

    1. Full disclosure: It takes me 1.5 hours to watch “60 Minutes”.
      But isn’t what your are describing called a multi-meter? and what about a capacitance meter that can test leakage and ESR?
      Also now we are making this I want to add the following features please:
      Continuity, Conductance, Inductence, Temperature, Diode and Transistor.

      And less important but still would be liked:
      Decibel, Duty cycle and Frequency.

      Now I don’t know David Smith, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say both he and I are willing to pay up to $82.98 USD for such a device. Louis how long will it take you to design this and share with us? in the mean time I’m going to go door knocking to find additional buyers

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