Milliohm Meter Update

This is an update to my earlier Milliohm Meter project. Here we use a small custom PCB which is available to use. There are also some improvements to the design and the project is built in to a small case.

Below are the links to download the updated schematic, front panel artwork, drill template for case and full detailed parts list.

Below is the link for the PCB from OSH Park:

If of interest, in addition the Scullcom T-Shirt is a available from

Please note:
Save the front panel artwork and drill template pdf files to your PC hard drive and then open them up again in your PDF reader so as to ensure they are the correct size.

4 thoughts to “Milliohm Meter Update”

  1. Are you still creating videos about projects you design and build? I haven’t seen anything new for quite some time. I like your videos and projects and would like to see more.

    1. there are some projects for this out on the WEB using voltage controlled varactor IC tuners salvaged from TV”s.
      establishing the correct time base sweep voltage is the trick.

  2. Hi Louis!
    It seems that all the links to download schematics, software etcc doesn’t work anymore, system says the page doesn’t exist….there is another way to download ?

    many Thanks

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