DROK DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Module

In this review I will take a close look at the DROK DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Module which uses a LM2596 Buck Converter IC

The module also includes a digital voltmeter which can display either the input or output voltage. The output voltage is set by two push buttons. After fully testing the module I found that the best parameters are as follow:

  • Input Voltage Range should be from 5 volt to 35 volt (taking the input voltage to 40 volts may damage some modules).
  • The output voltage range is stable up to 33 volt.
  • The module can handle output currents up to 1.5 Amp O.K. (over that I suggest you add a small heatsink on the LM2596 with thermal glue paste)
  • The voltmeter on the module is accurate to +/- 1%.
  • Overall the module works very well with stable output voltages.

More details can be found at: http://www.Droking.com

One thought to “DROK DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Module”

  1. Nice post. I have a Down Buck Converter. I tried to adjust the potentiometer but the output voltage is same as the input voltage. So, I decide to buy a new one. Please suggest which can be better for me?

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